Ready for War!

Well, the site is up. Let’s get to it.

For most people January first signaled the new year. Since I am just a step or two behind most folks, I am starting 2013 in March. This weekend (March 2nd to be exact) I will begin a period of “lockdown”, in an effort to get back to the roots of my artwork. I’m blocking out 30 days to start, and will reevaluate and dive back in, assuming that I’m not in a straight jacket. What’s so special about a 30 day painting binge? Well, when I find my rhythm I tend not to sleep or eat, after a few days this can cause a speed bump or two, with results ranging from inspired to personally disastrous. Regardless of consequences I’m rolling the dice, I have a few things stewing and it’s time to bring them to life. The lab is prepped, the clock is ticking…I think that something is hiding in the shadows.

_DSC0046 _DSC0048

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