Oh No! Mini portraits

Well for some reason I decided to squeeze in a few mini portraits. I have been drawing and painting eyes and teeth for so long it was time for a change. So, with all sorts of “I haven’t done this in a long time” zeal, I went at it. I have a few control freak quirks when it comes to my work, and wanted to try a few things to loosen myself up a bit.

The first two are worlds away from how I would normally approach something like this, which was the point. Heavier paint application, and direct painting… opposed to drawing on the surface and building the image in successive layers, and a few unorthodox why not moments which would make technical painters and purists cringe.

It was also interesting to work in a smaller format (“5×7″), which presented some challenges. The smallest paintings prior to this little diversion were “mini eyes” (“1×2.5″) and “Bird” (“3×7″).

The subject matter was a bit different as well. I have always¬†shied away from pop culture and “celebrity” imagery, after a more than opinionated critique of a Jimi Hendrix drawing long, long, ago. But I’m a movie geek, and as much as I try to deny it there is a drop or two of fanboy coursing through my veins. Being somewhat apprehensive about this, I tweaked the facial features a bit to make the subjects a bit less recognizable…if you can identify either of the actresses I’ll buy you a cookie.

After completing the first two, I basically said $^&# it all and dropped the no pop attitude, I have been limiting myself way too much. So, the second pair of paintings which are unfinished at this point (I will get back to them after I finish my current commission) are representative of the actresses, and I did intend to capture a likeness. Both are far from complete (I suppose that I should use proper art speak. The paintings have not been “resolved”, a painting is never finished, or completed), but I figured that I would throw them out there. I did regress a bit, and my blending brushes did make an appearance. If you can name the actresses, and the movies, you get a thumbs up, a gold star, maybe a nice pat on the back…No cookie.

I can’t afford all of those cookies.


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