Get That #^%$*&%^ Camera Out Of My Face!

Well…almost a year ago I started to feel a little burnt out with painting. Make no mistake I love traditional 2-D mediums, but I just needed another outlet that wasn’t trauma inducing. So, I broke out my camera. That’s where I started…sort of, I’ve been drawing and painting pretty much forever, but photo was my focus for my first (and second) go around with school. Anyway…I’m back at it again. Does this mean no more painting, drawing, blah and blah…nope. Still doing that as well…just adding something else to keep me up for days on end. Actually it’s really nice to be shooting again. Probably just what I needed before I start on some of these ridiculous paintings that I have planned…So stay tuned. While you’re here, check out some of the new photos, and if you’d like to shoot…send me a message. I want to jack this portfolio up on roids…or at least get it into better shape.

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